Easing of Covid curbs sparks fear among people in China?

New Delhi, India, December 8, 2008 (ANI): A delegation of Zimbabwean parliamentarians was invited to meet Vice President Jagdeep Dahankhar. He praised India’s contribution during the pandemic and said that India is “the pharmacy of the world”, according the Rajya Sabha statement. Dhankhar praised India’s pharmaceutical industry and said, “India the pharmacyof the world.” Dhankhar gave … Read more

Vice President Dhankhar meets Zimbabwe’s delegation, says ‘India is pharmacy of world?

New Delhi, India, December 8, 2008 (ANI): Vice president Jagdeep Dhankhar received a Zimbabwean parliamentary delegation. He praised India’s contribution during the pandemic, adding that “India is the pharmacyof the world”, according the Rajya Sabha statement. Dhankhar, while praising India’s pharmaceutical industry, said that “India is the pharmacyof the world.” According to the statement, Dhankhar also stated that he hoped that … Read more

Chances high for Putin’s participation in 2023 G20 Summit in India: Russian Sherpa?

Moscow (Russia), December 10, (ANI): Russian President Vladimir Putin will likely participate in the G20 Summit at New Delhi in September 2023. This is according to Russia’s G20 (Sherpa), Svetlana Lukash. “I hope that [Russia’s President] will attend the G20 Summit. This is his decision. Now that the next summit is one-year away, I can’t answer such a question. Lukash stated that … Read more

Israel’s embassy to provide mentorship to Indian startu?

Chandigarh, India, December 9, 2009 (ANI): TiE Chandigarh has partnered with the Israeli mission in India to mentor Indian startups in sustainability and to help them grow their business. “Yesterday. @israelinindia and @TiEChandigarh concluded the all-India contest to mentor Indian startups within the field of Sustainability,” the Israeli mission in India tweeted. The project strengthened both the economic … Read more

Mississippi golfer bites off other man’s nose in feud over game?

According to authorities, a Mississippi man attacked another man after a round of golf that they had played together. Mark Wells, 51 years old, is accused of putting his teeth in the victim’s throat in a casino parking lot on Monday night. He then fled the scene with a Tesla and turned himself in to … Read more

Non-binary Biden nuclear official charged with stealing woman’s?

Biden administration employee, and one of the first gender nonbinary federal officials in government — was accused of stealing the luggage of a Minneapolis traveler in September. According to court papers, Sam Brinton, deputy assistant secretary for spent-fuel and waste disposal at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy was charged with felonious theft. … Read more

Biden’s Secret Service rental cars left charred after catching fire in Nantucket?

The Secret Service vehicles he rented burst into flames Monday morning, one day after he returned from his Nantucket vacation. Biden spent Thanksgiving in Massachusetts with his family. According to footage first obtained from the Nantucket Current, the Secret Service rented five Hertz vehicles to transport the president and his family. Footage shows firefighters cleaning out … Read more

Massive flock of sheep has been walking in a circle for 12 days straight in China?

With this counting, there’s no sleeping! For 12 consecutive days, hundreds of sheep in northern China’s Inner Mongolia have been walking in circles for 12 straight days. This bizarre behavior was captured on surveillance video and shows large flocks of people marching around in a circle almost perfectly round a farm. ou can sometimes see … Read more

Adidas exec told staffers he promoted black manager as ‘contribution to diversity’

Adidas’ long-time executive said that he promoted a Black employee to a managerial post so that the company could “contribute to diversity,” according a report. Roland Auschel (head of sales, German-based sports apparel company) reportedly made this comment in a meeting with 200 managers, according to the Financial Times. According to FT, one employee at the … Read more

Fate of FCC nominee Gigi Sohn — and ‘net neutrality’ — may depend on Georgia runoff

The outcome of the Georgia Senate election could determine the fate of Gigi Sohn’s prospects to become a Federal Communications Commission member. She is a controversial nominee who supports restoring internet neutrality rules. Insiders say Sohn — a progressive activist who has been met with suspicion by Republicans for supporting “defunding the police” movements, and … Read more