Vice President Dhankhar meets Zimbabwe’s delegation, says ‘India is pharmacy of world?

New Delhi, India, December 8, 2008 (ANI): Vice president Jagdeep Dhankhar received a Zimbabwean parliamentary delegation. He praised India’s contribution during the pandemic, adding that “India is the pharmacyof the world”, according the Rajya Sabha statement.
Dhankhar, while praising India’s pharmaceutical industry, said that “India is the pharmacyof the world.” According to the statement, Dhankhar also stated that he hoped that the visit by a Zimbabwean parliamentary delegation will strengthen bilateral relations.

Dhankhar gave a brief overview of India’s recent stature and profile and shared with the visiting delegation that India is taking a leadership role ine country’s progress in managing the environment. Covid-19pandemicWith the scientific and digital approach, 1.3 billion people are covered. This is 1/6th of humanity.


The Vice President informed the delegation that India’s G20 Presidency was at a time when India could provide effective leadership to address global issues and showcase India’s great culture, civilizational values and culture to the world. Both leaders agreed that all efforts should be made to increase access for rural residents by improving digital and physical connectivity. It stated that the Hon’ble Vice President had extended warm wishes to all visiting delegations and to the Parliament as well as the friendly people of Zimbabwe. (ANI)



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