Adidas exec told staffers he promoted black manager as ‘contribution to diversity’

Adidas’ long-time executive said that he promoted a Black employee to a managerial post so that the company could “contribute to diversity,” according a report.

Roland Auschel (head of sales, German-based sports apparel company) reportedly made this comment in a meeting with 200 managers, according to the Financial Times.

According to FT, one employee at the meeting stated that “it was totally inappropriate.”

Adidas began investigating Auschel’s comments and launched a 2-year investigation. Adidas concluded that the highly-paid exec kept his job, according FT.

FT reported that the company had engaged “a reputable legal firm” in an investigation into allegations of “potential breaches” of internal conduct guidelines as part of a comprehensive and independent investigation.

Adidas recently cut ties to Kanye West following his anti-Semitic comments. FT reported that Auschel’s conduct wasn’t severe enough for him to be fired under German labor law.

The Post has reached out to Adidas.

According to a spokesperson for the company, “There have not been any further indications regarding possible misconduct since then.”

The company stated that the investigation had revealed a need to train the executive in question in areas such as communication, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Adidas claimed it communicated with Auschel its “expectation for compliance with conduct guidelines” which was “emphatically dealt with.”

According to Adidas, Auschel has been with Adidas more than 30 year. He “underwent several month of coaching in 2021.” According to FT reports, he wasn’t paid any of his wages.

Adidas had reportedly extended Auschel’s contract in January, adding a 26% tack on to his bonus. According to FT, Auschel’s total compensation in 2021 was worth more than $3.7million.

In recent weeks, the apparel giant has been under fire after it hesitated before cutting ties to West . West was a partner with the company for selling his lucrative Yeezy clothing range.

Ye, West changed his legal title to Ye and made anti-Semitic comments. These comments have also damaged his business relationship with several businesses.

Adidas declared last week that it was launching an investigation into allegations that Ye showed former employees at the Yeezy brand pornographic films, and explicit images of Kim Kardashian.

According to Rolling Stone’s report, several Adidas employees claimed that Ye’s behavior was known by management but that they failed to discipline him.

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