Jesuit superior said that the restrictions on Rupnik’s ministerial date?

Sosa also contradicted what the Jesuits had said earlier and said that the restrictions on Rupnik’s ministerial date back to this earlier conviction and not from the 2021 allegations that were dropped by the Vatican’s sex crimes bureau because they were too old for prosecution, the AP reported. According to, Rupnik, aged 68, is … Read more

A married couple seven months pregnant with Jozef, was then shot by the Nazi police?

Wiktoria, seven months pregnant with Jozef, was then shot by the Nazi police. Children began to scream at their murdered parents and the Nazis shot them all: Stanislawa age 8, Barbara age 7, Wladyslawa age 6, Franciszek, 4 Antoni, 3 Maria. Pope Francis signed the decree recognizing their martyrdom at his 86th birth, and advancing 15 … Read more

Analysis The defense then read a second document?

In the interim, Archbishop Edgar Pena Parra (since August 2019 as the successor of Becciu in the Secretariat of State) had the IOR director shadowed. Mammi claimed that the IOR could not provide loans for specific cases, and that he was pressured into providing the loan. He claimed that the Vatican’s Financial Intelligence Authority was not … Read more

Jio Phone 5G just received the Bureau of Indian Standards certification?

The Jio Phone 5G just received the Bureau of Indian Standards certification. This comes just days after the device was first spotted on Geekbench. The approvals are being sought by the company for the Jio Phone 5G. This suggests that the launch may be imminent. However, Reliance Jio believes that the Jio Phone 5G will not be … Read more

Pakistani soldier killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in gun attack?

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan), December 7th, 2008 (ANI). A Pakistani Soldier and his son were shot to death in the Bannu area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during a gun attack. Dawn reported the incident, citing the police. Rehman Zman, 45, was shot and killed by assailants with his 18-year old son. Dawn spoke with locals who claimed that the attackers had hung … Read more

Sexual abuse continues to be a longstanding problem in Pakistan?

Islamabad [ Pakistan], Dec. 8 (ANI). The violence against women in Pakistan including the recent sexual harassment at the Pakistani Embassy, Mexico is a result government failure to act, Massimo Introvigne writes on Bitter Winter. Pakistan does not highlight sexual abuse as much as it should. The magazine that covers human rights issues is more interested in gossipy stories than focusing … Read more

NGO trying to change global perception around J&K?

Washington, USA, December 8, 2008 (ANI): The latest example of global media coverage about Kashmir shows how, without accurate information, it spreads misinformation, inaccurate, and biased reports. However, Victoria Jones, a Diplomatic Courier writer, has written that there is an NGO which can help to change the reputation of the region through correct facts. According to the … Read more

Chinese hackers stole millions worth of Covid relief money in US?

Washington, USA, December 8, 2008 (ANI): At least USD 20,000,000 in US Covid relief benefits was stolen by hackers from China, including unemployment Insurance funds, and Small Business Administration loans. NBC News reported the theft, citing the Secret Service of the country. Hackers are linked to the Chinese government and come from a Chengdu-based organization called APT41. According to … Read more

Iran conducts first known execution over nationwide protests sparked by Amini’s death?

Tehran, Iran, December 8, 2008 (ANI): Iran executed a man who injured a paramilitary officer as a result of mass protests continuing in Iran’s aftermath of Mahsa Amin’s death. CNN reported that the execution was carried out by the Iranian state media. According to Iranian media, it is the first execution in connection to protests. Many Iranians … Read more

Systematic exclusion of Afghan women under Taliban continues, says?

Colombo [ Sri Lanka], December 9, (ANI),: Sri Lanka schools were closed due to high levels of pollution after Cyclone Mandous passed its coast, raising strong wind and rain. Al Jazeera reported that in Sri Lanka, the sky was blue and there was sporadic rainfall. Health authorities advised elderly and children to stay indoors. According to Daily Mirror’s weather forecast Sri Lanka, heavy showers … Read more