Easing of Covid curbs sparks fear among people in China?

New Delhi, India, December 8, 2008 (ANI): A delegation of Zimbabwean parliamentarians was invited to meet Vice President Jagdeep Dahankhar. He praised India’s contribution during the pandemic and said that India is “the pharmacy of the world”, according the Rajya Sabha statement.
Dhankhar praised India’s pharmaceutical industry and said, “India the pharmacyof the world.”

Dhankhar gave an overview of India’s recent stature and profile to the visiting delegation. He also shared that India has been a leader in non-discriminatory global issues like the Covid-19 pandemic , and climate change.

He referred to the country’s progress in managing the environment. Covid-19 pandemic With the scientific and digital approach, 1.3 billion people are covered. This is 1/6th of humanity.


The Vice-President informed the visiting delegation of India’s G20 Presidency that India is in a good position to provide leadership in global issues and to showcase India’s great culture, civilizational and cultural values to the world.



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