Massive flock of sheep has been walking in a circle for 12 days straight in China?

With this counting, there’s no sleeping!

For 12 consecutive days, hundreds of sheep in northern China’s Inner Mongolia have been walking in circles for 12 straight days.

This bizarre behavior was captured on surveillance video and shows large flocks of people marching around in a circle almost perfectly round a farm.

ou can sometimes see other sheep watching the rotation from outside, while others are standing motionless in the middle.

The strange scene was shared Wednesday by People’s Daily, a Chinese state-run outlet. People’s Daily stated that the sheep are in good health and the reason is unknown.

Metro reported, that Ms. Miao, the sheep owner claimed that the spectacle started with just a handful of sheep and then the whole flock joined in. Only 13 sheep, out of 34 pens on the farm, have been acting like this.

They have been moving since Nov. 4. It’s not known if they stop to eat and drink.

Some believe the sheep’s behaviour could be caused by Listeriais (also known as “circling disease”).

The affected animals will initially be anorectic and depressed. They might push themselves into corners or lean against stationary objects. Or they may circle toward the affected side,” according the Merck Manual.

According to the Merck Manual outbreaks often occur due to spoiled or low-quality Silage. However, death in sheep or goats usually happens within 24 to 48 hour after symptoms are noticed.

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