Cardinal Becciu

Police discovered that 927 transport documents for bread were actually created in summer 2021, just a few weeks prior to the start of the Vatican trial. They are also back-dated from 2018. Becciu sues — and loses Last week, an Italian court rejected a defamation suit filed by Cardinal Becciu against three journalists from the … Read more

The Vatican apparent attack is coming a day after Russian leaders had criticized Pope Francis’ remarks?

While the motives of the alleged hacker/hackers involved in this case are still unclear, there is precedent for hackers targeting Vatican buildings due to Pope Francis’ public statements. One example is that a Turkish hacker was credited with hacking the Vatican website in 2015. This happened because Pope Francis, in his homily, described the 1915 massacres … Read more

Jesuit artist Rupnik was the director of Centro Aletti in Rome?

Rupnik was the director of Centro Aletti in Rome. He created the official image of 2022 World Meeting of Families and has designed mosaic artworks throughout the world for over 30 year. The Redemptoris Mater Chapel was renovated in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace. It was reopened in 1999 by the Jesuit, who is most well-known for his work. Rupnik … Read more

Synod on Synodality official the stories of invalid priesthoods in the U.S.?

Becquart was quoted as part of a news story that covered the stories of invalid priesthoods in the U.S. Catholic women dressed in liturgical vestments. Becquart replied to the subject of this article by saying that it was not about whether or not you felt called to the priesthood. He also said that it was … Read more

Jesuit official bishop confirms the basis for referral?

“However, administrative laws, which ensure the quality of religious lives, are within the jurisdiction of the major supervisor. He said that the Society of Jesus still has the means to ensure the highest standards for its ministry. Verschueren stated that we don’t require the outcomes of the penal process to take preventive actions. “And even if DDF’s … Read more

Jesuit superior said that the restrictions on Rupnik’s ministerial date?

Sosa also contradicted what the Jesuits had said earlier and said that the restrictions on Rupnik’s ministerial date back to this earlier conviction and not from the 2021 allegations that were dropped by the Vatican’s sex crimes bureau because they were too old for prosecution, the AP reported. According to, Rupnik, aged 68, is … Read more

A married couple seven months pregnant with Jozef, was then shot by the Nazi police?

Wiktoria, seven months pregnant with Jozef, was then shot by the Nazi police. Children began to scream at their murdered parents and the Nazis shot them all: Stanislawa age 8, Barbara age 7, Wladyslawa age 6, Franciszek, 4 Antoni, 3 Maria. Pope Francis signed the decree recognizing their martyrdom at his 86th birth, and advancing 15 … Read more

Pope Francis said that St. Joseph must have had his hopes for the future crushed?

If it seems like everything is going wrong, the pope advised that we don’t need to retreat into negative feelings like anger and isolation. Instead, we should be open to unexpected events in our lives, even crises. He suggested that we should not make decisions fast or instinctively in these situations, but rather, think like Joseph, … Read more

Analysis The defense then read a second document?

In the interim, Archbishop Edgar Pena Parra (since August 2019 as the successor of Becciu in the Secretariat of State) had the IOR director shadowed. Mammi claimed that the IOR could not provide loans for specific cases, and that he was pressured into providing the loan. He claimed that the Vatican’s Financial Intelligence Authority was not … Read more