If it seems like everything is going wrong, the pope advised that we don’t need to retreat into negative feelings like anger and isolation. Instead, we should be open to unexpected events in our lives, even crises.

He suggested that we should not make decisions fast or instinctively in these situations, but rather, think like Joseph, and consider everything. We should also be able to trust God’s mercy for the answers.

St. Peter’s Square in the midst of Pope Francis’ Angelus message December 18, 2022. Vatican Media.

The Dec. 18 Sunday Gospel is about Joseph and how he discovered that Mary, through God’s Holy Spirit was actually pregnant with Jesus.

Pope Francis said that St. Joseph must have had his hopes for the future crushed when he learned from Mary, his betrothed.

“What would Joseph feel?” “Shock, pain and confusion, possibly even irritation or disappointment,” said the pope. “He saw the world fall apart around him. And what was he supposed do?

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