Jesuit superior said that the restrictions on Rupnik’s ministerial date?

Sosa also contradicted what the Jesuits had said earlier and said that the restrictions on Rupnik’s ministerial date back to this earlier conviction and not from the 2021 allegations that were dropped by the Vatican’s sex crimes bureau because they were too old for prosecution, the AP reported.

According to, Rupnik, aged 68, is accused of having sexually abused women in a women’s religious institute in Ljubljana (Slovenia) while serving as chaplain. reported one of the victims attempted suicide as a result of the abuse. A source claimed that at most nine women were abused by ACI Prensa. This is the Spanish-language news outlet of CNA.

These allegations of sex abuse were forwarded by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to the Dicastery of the Doctrine of the Faith for consideration in 2021. The case was closed by the dicastery in October, concluding that there was no 30-year statute of limitations to abuse allegations between adults.

The decision, revealed in media reports from Italy earlier this month, raised many questions about why Vatican office didn’t waive the statute-of-limitations as it did in other cases. The office has a Jesuit as its head, a Jesuit sex crime prosecutor, and its No. The AP reported that 2 people were present at the time, including a Jesuit priest from Rupnik.

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