Synod on Synodality official the stories of invalid priesthoods in the U.S.?

Becquart was quoted as part of a news story that covered the stories of invalid priesthoods in the U.S. Catholic women dressed in liturgical vestments.

Becquart replied to the subject of this article by saying that it was not about whether or not you felt called to the priesthood. He also said that it was always an acknowledgement of the call of the Church to become a priest. It doesn’t matter what your personal feelings or decisions are.

She said, “I think it is important to expand our view of the Church.” There are many, multiple ways that women can serve the Church.

According to the most recent synodal working document published in October, many reports to organizers requested discernment on “the possible for women with adequate training in preaching in parish settings and for a female diaconate”.

“Much more diversity was expressed on priestly-ordination for women,” stated the working document for Continental Phase of the synod.

Pope Francis recently spoke out on the topic of women’s priesthood in an interview with America Magazine.

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