Iran conducts first known execution over nationwide protests sparked by Amini’s death?

Tehran, Iran, December 8, 2008 (ANI): Iran executed a man who injured a paramilitary officer as a result of mass protests continuing in Iran’s aftermath of Mahsa Amin’s death. CNN reported that the execution was carried out by the Iranian state media.
According to Iranian media, it is the first execution in connection to protests.

Many Iranians were sentenced to death by execution after the murder of Mahsa, 22-year-old woman who was detained by state morality police because she allegedly didn’t properly wear her headscarf.

Amnesty International reports that, as of November 2011, Iranian authorities were seeking the death penalty for at most 21 protesters.

According to Iran Human Rights, at least 331 people were executed in Iran last year. According to the report, 55 executions contributed 16.5 percent.
The authorities did not announce 83.5 percent of executions (278 s total) in the 2021 report. The authorities did not announce the number of executions. This is 55% of all executions. The unrest has amounted to one of the biggest challenges in decades to Iran’s system of authoritarian clerical rule.Earlier on Thursday, India abstained from voting on a United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution to set up a fact-finding mission to investigate the alleged Human Rights violation committed on protesters in Iran that started on September 16.Taking to Twitter, United Nations Human Right Council said, “At its 35th special session, the @UN Human Rights Council decided to create a new fact-finding mission to investigate “alleged #HumanRightsViolations in the Islamic Republic of #Iran related to the protests that began on 16 September 2022.” Amini was taken into custody in Tehran for wearing “inappropriate clothing” on September 13. She died in custody three days later. This sparked protests and clashes between security forces, where many people lost lives. (ANI)

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