Sexual abuse continues to be a longstanding problem in Pakistan?

Islamabad [ Pakistan], Dec. 8 (ANI). The violence against women in Pakistan including the recent sexual harassment at the Pakistani Embassy, Mexico is a result government failure to act, Massimo Introvigne writes on Bitter Winter.
Pakistan does not highlight sexual abuse as much as it should. The magazine that covers human rights issues is more interested in gossipy stories than focusing on complaints from female diplomats or employees who have denounced sexual harassment by male i diplomats.
Recent gossip about the sex harassment incident at the Pakistani Embassy, Mexico has been more revealing. The story focused on an older man who was married and in a powerful position. He allegedly promised to divorce his wife and marry her. This was not a true story. The story, if true, would not be good PR for Islam Republic. It would be just as old as the relationships between young married men and young women.
However, there are still Pakistani Foreign Ministry employees and officers who complain about the same pattern of abuse. Bitter Winter reviewed such complaints and reported that Bitter Winter investigated the August 2022 case of sexual harassment at the Pakistani Embassy in Spain.

It was reported in August 2022 that a senior Pakistani diplomat, who was then Consul General in Barcelona (Spain), was accused of harassing a female staffer via social media and then assaulting her in a hotel. Bitter Winter, citing “The Nation”, reports that the Foreign Ministry sent two members to Madrid and Barcelona to investigate the matter. The investigation was completed and the Foreign Office removed him from his post. He was then recalled to Islamabad headquarters where he is currently facing disciplinary proceedings.

The Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection against Harassment declared that Nadeem Riaz (head of mission embassy in Pakistan Rome Italy) was charged and sentenced to a major penalty of dismissal under section 4(4). The former Ambassador to Italy was found guilty for having harassed the female Pakistani Trade officer of the Embassy for several months. The case was also covered by the Italian media.

It appears that the source is correct, and women who work in Pakistan Although i embassies across the globe do have a case to file, we don’t believe that all accusations should be made. We also have no reason to doubt that many of the country’s male diplomats aren’t harassing female employees. Bitter Winter reported.
Pakistan However, he doesn’t take any firm steps against these issues, which is justified by the fact the country should preserve its Islamic Republic status and image. (ANI)

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