At UNSC, India abstains from vote on resolution that exempts?

New York [USA], December 10, (ANI): India abstains from voting in United Nations Security Council on a resolution which exempts humanitarian assistance efforts from sanction.
The 14-member Council, which includes the US and Ireland, adopted the draft resolution to exempt humanitarian assistance efforts from sanctions.
Ruchira Kamboj, India’s Permanent Representative at the UN explained that India’s concern was triggered by known instances of terrorist groups such as Pakistan-based terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (Pakistan-based terrorist group) “taking full advantage” of humanitarian carve-outs and “making a mockery sanctions regimes.”

Khamboj stated that there have been many cases where terrorist groups have reincarnated themselves as humanitarian organisations and civil society groups to avoid the sanctions. These terrorist groups use the humanitarian assistance space umbrella to raise funds and recruit fighters. Kamboj made a subtle reference to Pakistan and said that India would demand that caution and due diligence are used in providing humanitarian assistance to groups that are banned under UN Security Council Resolution1267. These groups continue to thrive in areas that have been universally recognized as terrorist havens.

She said that India had requested UN oversight of humanitarian exclusions and expertise in “robust report” which was not fully addressed in the legislation.

She said that India had asked for UN experts to monitor humanitarian exemptions in order to prevent such acts. Sanctions India abstained because of robust reporting and strong reporting, which were not fully addressed by the text,” Kamboj stated.
UNSC approved the resolution exempting humanitarian assistance from all future and current UN agencies Sanctions The United States hails the vote as “historic”, which will save lives and address long-standing problems. Sanctions impeding aid deliveries. The resolution was approved with 14 votes for, zero against, and one abstention. (ANI)

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