India extended ‘soft loans’ worth USD 2bn to Central Africa: Ruchira Kamboj?

New York [US], Dec 9 (ANI), India extended a’Soft Loan’ of USD 2 billion to Central Africa. This was done by India’s Permanent Rep to UN, Ambassador Ruchirakamboj, who highlighted the friendly and cordial bilateral relations between New Delhi and the region.
” India maintains friendly and cordial bilateral relations with countries in Central Africa. We have increased our diplomatic presence within the region. During the UNSC briefing, ambassador Kamboj spoke out about UNOCA/LRA (UN Regional Office in Central Africa/Lord’s Resistance Army).
She said that the soft loans were extended to USD 2 billion for projects in agriculture and transport.
The top diplomat of India at the UN stated that the country’s Duty Free Tariff Preference Scheme (DFTP) is also available to many Central African nations. She stated that India will continue its proactive engagement with countries in Central Africa for peace, security, and development for its citizens.
Kamboj stated that political developments in countries of the Central African have been positive. They are marked by electoral processes and regular exchanges between countries.

Envoy to Indian highlighted that multi-dimensional problems exist in the Central African region, which are exacerbated and supported by historical injustices.
“The COVID-19 Pandemic and the ongoing Ukraine Conflict are having a devastating impact on the hard-won development gains. She said that basic needs are being put under pressure by rising prices and shortages in fuel and food.
Ambassador Kamboj condemned terrorist in her address.
“We applaud the Multinational Joint Task Force’s role in fighting Boko Haram, and other terror groups. She said that this exemplifies the point she often makes about the need to have well-coordinated, well-equipped regional strategies for dealing with terrorist in Africa.
She said that downplaying the effect of terrorist on security in the region and overplaying other factors that impact on regional peace will only distort our understanding and, in turn our responses. (ANI)

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