Taliban pushes Afghan media to margin again?

Kabul (Afghanistan), December 10, 2010 (ANI): Instead sharing a strategy for media personnel in Afghanistan the Taliban have pushed media outlets to the margin again. They claim that authorities are planning to give proper direction to media outlets. Khaama Press reported Friday.
According to Khaama Press, Mohammad Younis Rashid (executive of the Information and Cultural Affairs Department of balkh) made these remarks after a meeting in Northern Mazar-e-Sharif Province where the Taliban’s acting government and media representatives met. After the overthrow of the current regime, we have seen limitations to media. These restrictions will push the media further to the margin,” stated Abdul Baseer Abid, head of Balkh’s private media outlet. The lack of a specific blueprint has made it difficult for Afghan media to thrive and grow, especially since the Taliban took over the country in August 2013. According to Khaama Press, Sayed Mohammad Yazdan, an Afghan journalist, “The media is facing a huge challenge in growing their media.”

Numerous humanitarian organizations have raised concerns about the abuses against journalists in Afghanistan. Arrests, ill-treatment, threats, and intimidation are all record highs. “Media in Afghanistan is at risk. “Media in #Afghanistan is in peril. Global criticism has been levelled at the United Nations (UN), and the Committee to Protect Journalists(CPJ), for their continued restrictions on media in Afghanistan. The Taliban promised women’s rights and media freedom and that they would give amnesty to government officials during the first news conference in August. However, journalists, ex-government employees and activists continue to face retribution. (ANI)

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