Xi Jinping ensures “complete control” of Chinese military after securing third term in power?

Beijing (China), December 10, 2010 (ANI): Xi Jinping, who has seized power in the 20th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party for the third time, “ensured total control” and loyalty to the army, The Hong Kong Post reported. Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, has directed that the army prepare to concentrate their energy on efficiency in order to launch wars, increase their ability to win and effectively fulfill the “missions” and tasks of the army in the new era. According to the news report, Xi Jinping has ordered that Chinese armed forces “resolutely remain loyal” to Xi Jinping. He also asked them to prepare to focus their energy on efficiency to launch wars, bolster their ability to win and effectively fulfill the “missions and tasks” of the army in the “new era.” The new Central Military Mission will increase military preparation and training.

According to The Hong Kong Post, the report states that the 20th National Congress of the CCP made arrangements for national defense and army building. These were based on the “overall situation of building an socialist country and calling to have China’s great revival in an “all-round” way. The report highlighted the importance of achieving the “army’s centenary struggle” as planned. It also cited special articles that were published at the time. According to the report, the CCP’s leadership is using external threats to force the military to recognize how crucial it is to defer to them in this current situation. The CCP’s plan to strengthen the army, resolutely defend national sovereignty and security and focus energy on fighting and improving victory capabilities must be implemented by the Chinese military. Military personnel were taught to be loyal to the Chinese leader, and to support the party. Cadres from military units that directly fall under the Military Commission were also instructed to “comprehensively enhance the party building in military.” The security personnel were also asked to protect the leadership of the People’s Army and Xi Jinping’s position at the core of the Party’s central Committee. They were also instructed to be loyal and reliable in order to ensure the military equipment complies with party’s orders. (ANI)

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