US is land of laws, not chaos Capitol from a violent attack?

The United States President Joe Biden said Friday that America has no place for political violence. He honored the police who saved the Capitol from a violent attack in 2021 by the mob.

“Despite our differences in opinions, we must clearly say clearly with an united voice,” stated Joe Biden.

By the Agence France Presse. Two years after the attack on the US Capitol was committed, President Joe Biden declared Friday that America had “no place” to resort to political violence. He made the remarks as a tribute to police who held off the Trump supporters.

The somber White House ceremony occurred as a group of congressional Republicans — some of whom still back Trump’s false claim that the 2020 elections were fraudulent — held the US House of Representatives hostage, repeatedly blocking the election of any speaker.

Biden spoke in support of the statement, “Despite our differences in views, we must speak clearly with one voice… There’s no place, zero or zero place in America to intimidate voters… For political violence.”

He gave 14 Presidential Citizens Medals, which is the country’s second highest civilian honour, to officers who were present at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Biden stated to the honorees, “History will recall your names.” He spoke in a speech that included some of those now well-known for their activism following the attack and for their appearances during a televised congressional inquiry into the attack.

Some of the medalists were elected officials and poll workers who worked in states where Trump’s allies attempted to prevent Biden from becoming certified.

Biden declared that America is a land of laws not chaos.

Three of the awards were presented posthumously to officers who responded in an attack on the police — two of them had committed suicide shortly after the riots. One was given to Brian Sicknick, who suffered a stroke that day.

Sicknick’s girlfriend filed suit on Thursday against two men who had pleaded guilty in connection to Capitol assault.

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