Ubisoft posted a blog on its platform stating that it will provide PC versions?

Google Stadia will close on January 18, 2023. Ubisoft announces that it will give a free copy of its games to Stadia gamers on their computers ahead of the day when Google’s cloud-based gaming platform will cease to be available.

Ubisoft posted a blog on its platform stating that it will provide PC versions of all Ubisoft Games purchased on Stadia for no extra cost. Ubisoft Connect will add these games to your library automatically, according the game developer. Users will need to connect to their Ubisoft and Stadia accounts to allow the transfer to occur in a seamless manner.

Additionally, the company stated that it will transfer any items purchased from cross-progression-compatible games. This will allow users to access their games from Stadia, on the PCs and platforms they prefer. has a comprehensive list that will help you determine if cross progression is supported for the game you wish to transfer. However, Ubisoft Connect will not transfer virtual currency from Stadia to any other platform. Users can however use their virtual currency on Stadia to purchase items. Items can then be transferred.

Users who subscribe to Ubisoft+ Multi-Access through Stadia, will be sent an email with instructions to sign up via the Ubisoft+ site. Users will also be given a coupon for a free Ubisoft+ subscription for one month. “Players who have subscribed through Ubisoft USA can continue streaming Ubisoft+ via Amazon Luna. Existing subscribers from the US will also be able to receive a discount of Ubisoft+ Multi-Access for six month,” the company said in a blog post.

The company announced that it will be giving away one month of GeForce Priority Membership to all Ubisoft customers. This will enable them to continue streaming Ubisoft’s games across multiple devices.

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