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Mauna Loa was the largest active volcano in the world. It erupted 38 years ago on Sunday, November 27. Ash and debris poured from the volcano and lit up the night sky above Hawaii’s Big Island. Mauna Loa, which rises to 13,679ft (4,169m) above the Pacific Ocean is part of the chain volcanoes that created the Hawaiian islands. It last erupted back in March and April 1984. (Reuters

New York’s Thanksgiving Day Parade saw thousands of spectators line the streets as colorful, high-flying balloons welcomed the holiday season. The tradition has been going for nearly 100 years. A procession of inflatables and giant floats travelled more than 40 miles from Central Park towards Herald Square. (AP Photo)

Prince William’s Office stated “racism doesn’t have a place” in the United States. This was in response to backlash from his godmother’s treatment Black advocates for victims of domestic abuse. Lady Susan Hussey 83, quit Wednesday as an honorary royal household member after Hussey asked her repeatedly where she “really comes from”. She had previously told Hussey that she was British and she said she was British. Pic: Prince William, Kate, Princess of Wales and others watch the NBA basketball game between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, Wednesday, Nov. 30 in Boston. (AP Photo)

Sanna Marina, Finland’s Prime minister, speaks with Jacinda Adern, New Zealand’s Prime Minster, at the Auckland Museum in Auckland. It was the first time that a Finnish prime minister has visited New Zealand’s prime minster. Their answers to a question regarding their ages was the most viral moment. Ardern responded first in a video clip which has been viewed over 1.5million times on Twitter. She replied, “My first query is, I wonder whether anyone ever asked Barack Obama (or John Key) if they met because their ages are similar,'” she stated. (AP Photo)

An emaciated sheep walks across the dry Cconchaccota lagoon’s dry bed in the Apurimac area of Peru on Friday, November 25, 2022. The lagoon is 4,100 meters above the sea level and has provided water for sheep thirsty, trout and fun for children. However, the lagoon has been dried up by an ongoing drought. (AP Photo)

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