Russia building looked like a military facility and was being used for weapons storag?

Satellite photos by Maxar Technologies showed a large army camp in Mariupol (captured port city in east Ukraine), as revealed in satellite photos. You can see a U-shaped building near the center of the city. The roof is covered with the red, white, and blue stars of the Russian army.

You can also see the Russian Army slogan on the roof along with the message, “From Russian army for Mariupol residents”.

Maxar Technologies claimed in a tweet that the building was a military facility. It is currently being used to store weapons.

“In Mariupol has recently been constructed a Russian military compound in the north-center. The Russian Army slogan is visible on the roof,” the tweeter said.

“The Starokrymske main city cemetery on the western border of Mariupol has experienced a significant increase of the number graves,” the tweet stated.

Maxar says that the city’s main cemeteries have been also expanded.

Satellite images show that Moscow has also demolished many of those residential buildings that were beyond repair. According to Ukraine around 90% of the city’s infrastructure was destroyed by the Russian strikes.

Russia still considers Mariupol strategically important, as it forms part of its land bridge linking Russia with annexed Crimea.

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