Japanese the first to travel on a SpaceX lunar mission?

Yusaku Makawa, a Japanese billionaire and entrepreneur, tweeted Monday that he will make a “big announcement” about space after meeting Elon Musk, SpaceX owner.

Yusaku Mezawa, founder and CEO of Zozo Inc, made a tourist trip on a Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station in December 2013. He plans to travel around the moon with Musk’s rocket company SpaceX and satellite company SpaceX in 2023.

Musk had a meeting online with the 47-year-old entrepreneur and he “can now make an announcement about space on Dec 9.”

Space enthusiast will most likely be the first private passenger on a SpaceX Moon mission. The fly-by will last for a week and is scheduled for 2023. Commercial firms such as Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin are introducing a new era in space travel for wealthy clients.

Maezawa founded Zozo, an online clothing retailer. Softbank Group Corp purchased Zozo’s internet business.

In Inclusive Inc shares, which provide space-related businesses utilizing satellite data, rose 11.7% to close near 1,171 yen following Maezawa’s tweet.

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