Miandad came to me and said, ‘tera naak toot gaya hai, hospital jaana padega’: Tendulkar recalls injury against Pakistan?

Sachin Tendulkar is widely considered to be one of the best batters in the history. Tendulkar, fondly called the’master bomber’, holds the record of most runs in Tests as well as ODIs. He also has 100 centuries in international cricket. Tendulkar’s debut for India was in 1989, during a Test series against Pakistan. At an event, Tendulkar spoke out about the incident involving Javed Miandad (former Pakistan captain), which involved a former Indian batter.

Tendulkar, who was then 16 years old, had been a great player for India in the Test series. But, Tendulkar sustained a severe nose injury from a bouncer from Waqar Itis during the fourth Test. Tendulkar was able to continue his bat after the injury. He also recalled Javed Mandad’s remarks towards him shortly after the bouncer hit him.

“My first trip to Pakistan, we were playing in the fourth Test. After the three previous ones, we had lost the fourth. We were about 36/4 down in the final innings of the fourth Test. Waqar Yournis bouncer hit me on my nose. I didn’t know how to wear a grill so my face was open to the blow. Tendulkar told the story at an event organized by Infosys. “I broke my nose and was bleeding.”

“Naturally, it was over. The game stopped. The Pakistani players realized that this was a critical moment. If I’d walked away, they would’ve been in a monopoly position. They wanted the game to end and they wanted to win. Javed Miandad was in the buzz and nudging me. We all know his capabilities.

“Imran tells them, ‘Javed leave it alone’. I continued to bat. It was a moment when I felt like an injury like that could make or break your career. I’m glad I didn’t walk to the dressing-room and that I continued to bat there. Tendulkar stated that the Test was drawn and the series was drawn.

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