Weekly Love Horoscope for 19-25 December?

Aries As long you can keep your sanity despite all the chaos around, romance will be yours this week. Let go of the routine and boring stuff so you can let your imagination run wild. It will be easy to feel a deep bond with your feelings. Your gut will guide you. Keep your interactions with others realistic.

Taurus – This week could see a shift in your plans for your future together. You may be challenged in your expectations of romantic fulfillment. You may be challenged by the opinions and examples of your friends and associates about how you view and feel about your past or present love relationships. Perhaps, you are more concerned about independence than being committed right now.

Gemini You will notice major changes in your personal life this week. These changes can lead to significant improvements in your behaviour, and in particular your emotional stability. If your daily life is too difficult, there’s no reason to vent your anger. If you don’t feel like finding the solution, then don’t look to anyone else.

CancerRevitalizing your romance life this week could be as simple as looking through old memories. This week is the perfect time to express your love for the past. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the influence of your upbringing on your romantic relationships. This topic can be discussed with your partner, or you might reflect on it yourself. It could lead to more productive conversations about romantic goals.

Leo – Individuals who are actively searching for a life companion will be blessed with a happy week. It’s possible that you’ve been successful in the past due your common interests. However, this week is more likely for you to meet someone who fulfills all of your requirements. Your parents may have been looking for a good partner and might surprise you by suggesting a great prospect.

Virgo – This week could bring a potential new romantic partner into you life. You may be apprehensive at first. Although you may be hesitant at first, once you get to know each others, you will start to see the potential and your guard will drop. A trusted friend can help you if you are still unsure about the person’s abilities.

Libra Take your romance to the next level by letting your freak flag soar this week. You should incorporate new ideas into your life and include physical activity. This week, the lines between exotic and seductive are blurred. Consider exploring new territories if you are bored with your current relationship.

Scorpio To rally support from people near you, it is important to treat them with kindness and compassion. Some people may be afraid of you because of your aggressive nature or bravado. You can share a different aspect of yourself this week. Your soft and loving smile will show the world that you are caring and dedicated.

Scorpio: This week your emotions and logic may be at odds. A bad memory or a negative experience from the past can cause you to become obsessed with a particular aspect of your love life. Instead of trying to solve the problem by rationalizing it away, it is better to feel the discomfort and move on.

Capricorn this week: You may feel calm and contemplative, which could lead to a more reflective, yet pleasant, mood. Both your intuition as well as your ability to see the heart of the issue will be improved. Perhaps it is time to move on from a casual friendship. You are loved when you share your thoughts. Don’t be ashamed to express yourself.

Aquarius – This week you may find that your love life is more enjoyable with a little adventure. Planning a trip that will open your eyes and expand your heart is a great way to start if you’re single looking for love. If you’re already involved in a relationship, a trip together could strengthen and broaden your bond with your partner. Try to plan a fun vacation for you and your partner if you are both confined indoors.

Pisces is You will be inspired to make changes to your love life this week. A simple step to take is to set a new schedule for your romantic get-togethers. You might also consider reevaluating how you currently divide household tasks if you share a home. Singles might want to change their situation and invite someone else on a more regular basis.

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