Draft Digital India Bill by Dec-end: Chandrasekhar?

Minister of State Electronics and Information Technology Rajev Chandrasekhar stated on Thursday that the government will publish the draft Digital India bill for public review by the end-of-this month.

The Digital India Act will be combined with the Information Technology Act 2020. This Act, experts say, needs a major overhaul due to changing internet circumstances.

Chandrasekhar, speaking at the CII Global Economic Policy Summit stated, “We expect both the bills [Digital Personal Data Protection Bill] and Digital India Bill] to be taken to parliament simultaneously.”

The government will introduce the data protection bill at the upcoming Budget session.

While the data protection bill defines the rights and obligations of citizens as well as the obligations of data fiduciaries to use the collected data lawfully, Digital India’s bill is expected to concentrate on safety and transparency, trust, accountability, and accountability.

Chandrasekhar explained that the Information Technology Act, 2000 has been reworked to take into account the new developments in the post Internet era to manage binaries as well as consumer rights. FE

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