Pakistan suicide the government had ended this week?

On Wednesday, a suicide bomber attacked a Quetta police station in Pakistan’s southwestern province. The blast killed three police officers and wounded 28 others.

The Pakistani Taliban militant organization, Tehreek-e–Taliban Pakistan, claimed the explosion in a text message sent to Reuters. It happened after this week’s ceasefire between the terrorist group and the government.

Abdul Haq, a senior police official, stated to Reuters, “A bomb blast that struck a patrol of police officers wounded more than thirty people, including 15 cops.” “Out of them, an officer, a woman, and a child all died,” Abdul Haq, a police official, told Reuters.

He added that the patrol had been protecting a polio vaccination unit at the time of this suicide explosion.

Islamist militants from Pakistan often attack polio vaccination teams in the belief that this is a Western tool to spy upon them.

Quetta is the capital city of Pakistan’s Balochistan, bordering Afghanistan and Iran. There are both Islamist as well as separatist insurgents.

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