Maria Kolesnikova twitter account was run by her friends?

Maria Kolesnikova (Belarusian opposition leader) has been taken out of prison and admitted to hospital.

Following Monday’s surgery, they say that Ms Kolesnikova, aged 40, is now in stable condition in Gomel’s eastern suburb.

After mass protests over the discrediting re-election by Alexander Lukashenko, she was imprisoned for 11 year in 2021.

She stated that the charges were made up.

“I don’t regret any,” she stated to Sarah Rainsford of the BBC in 2021. She said that “I’d do it all again”

ran Ms Kolesnikova’s twitter account and stated that Maria had been transferred to hospital…and was operated on 28 Nov.

“She is stable, in serious condition and showing improvement. Tomorrow (30 November), she will be transferred into the surgical department.

Belarus’ opposition and Viktor Babariko (an imprisoned politician) made similar remarks. Reports claim that her lawyer was previously not allowed to visit.

Ms. Kolesnikova was placed in solitary confinement earlier this month. It is not clear why she required surgery. Her team said on Twitter that she had a “surgical pathology”.

Belarus’ prison authorities did not comment.

Image source, Getty Images
Image caption: Mr Lukashenko is at the helm of his government since 1994. He has attempted to crush any opposition.

After Mr Lukashenko was elected the winner of the 2020 presidential elections, mass protests spread across Belarus. The opposition claims the results were faked and Svetlana Tykhanovskaya is the real winner.

Many demonstrators were brutally attacked while some, such as Ms Tikhanovskaya, were forced into exile by Mr Lukashenko who, since 1994, has tried to suppress all dissent.

In 2020, Ms Kolesnikova was kidnapped in Minsk by the Belarusian security services and tried to have her deported to Ukraine.

However, she refused to leave the country and took her passport with her at the border. She then climbed out of her car window,

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