Is China censoring the last major country to impose long quarantines and lockdowns on its citizens?

According to a report, China’s state broadcaster is taking close-up pictures of the maskless football World Cup fans as protests against Covid-19 laws rage in the country.


China has seen thousands of protestors take to the streets against its government and “zero Covid” policy. They have placed millions of people under severe restrictions and instituted mass testing, which led to record-breaking infections.

AFP reported that CCTV in China replaced close-up images of spectators during a live broadcast Sunday’s match between Japan & Costa Rica with images of officials, players or the stadium.

CCTV Sports showed long-range shots of the crowd, where it was hard to see individual faces. Many in China have found it frustrating to see images of people wearing masks at the World Cup in Qatar stadiums.

China is the only major economy that has imposed lockdowns and long quarantines on its citizens. Protests continued on the streets of Beijing, Shanghai and Shanghai calling for President Xi Jinping’s resignation.

Despite protests from many people, the Chinese authorities have maintained their resolve to implement a “zero Covid” strategy.

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