Canada’s a Peels Regional Police press release?

According to police, a Canadian-Sikh 21-year-old woman was killed in an apparent “targeted” attack in Canada’s Ontario Province. According to a Peels Regional Police release on Sunday, Pawanpreet Kaur, a Brampton-based victim, was shot by an unidentified assailant in Mississauga on Saturday night.

According to The Toronto Sun newspaper, Kaur was attacked outside a station. Police received information about a shooting at 10:39pm. On arrival, they found the victim with obvious gunshot wounds. According to a press release, although life-saving measures were attempted, the victim succumbed due to her injuries. According to police, it is a “targeted incident.”

According to Tim Nagtegaal (duty-inspector), Kaur was declared deceased at the scene. We were not able to provide any details about the suspect. Nagtegaal said in the report that the suspect’s sex was not available at the moment. Nagtegaal said that the culprit was seen running off the scene in all dark clothing.

“We saw her falling down, and then suddenly, the gunman pointed his gun at her forehead,” Carmela Sandoval, an eyewitness to the incident, told the Toronto Sun newspaper. This is just days after Mehakpreet Sethi, an Indian teenager, was stabbed in the head by another teenager in a parking lot at a high school in Canada’s British Columbia province.

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