Teenagers in UK are faking Covid-19 positive tests using lemon juice and other hacks from TikTok


The recordings of individuals utilizing juices, vinegar to get Coronavirus positive outcomes in horizontal stream tests are in effect broadly shared on TikTok. Young people are faking Coronavirus tests to play hooky. The training chiefs in the UK have cautioned against the training and called it amazingly “pointless”. Teens in the UK have tracked down … Read more



01 Euro tour 2021The European Union is making this year’s summer vacation a possibility, for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic. The EU has taken a number of measures to ensure that travellers from member states can go around the EU without much hassle, in a safe and secure environment. Armed with … Read more

Modi protests for votes in UK:Opposition Labor Party put a picture of Modi and Johnson shaking hands on the campaign material, wrote – Stay away from them

The use of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture on the party’s campaign material for the by-elections in northern England has created a ruckus. In fact, the Labor Party has used a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi shaking hands with the leader of the Conservative Party and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the campaign material. In … Read more

Fear of lockdown Workers leaving Dhaka to escape the brunt of the lockdown in Bangladesh, 16 crore population locked for 14 days from tomorrow


There is going to be a strict 14-day lockdown in Bangladesh from July 1, which has become a problem for the migrant laborers. To avoid being hit by the lockdown, the workers want to leave the capital Dhaka as soon as possible. That’s why they are resorting to bikes, auto-rickshaws, loading autos, trucks, and even ambulances. He … Read more

‘Around 1,040 Trump-period approvals will be lifted’: Iran, Germany eye atomic arrangement recovery

In the midst of exchanges with Iran on the atomic arrangement in Vienna, German unfamiliar clergyman Heiko Maas said there was a decent possibility the 2015 arrangement can be restored. Iran’s state-run TV slot cited the official head of staff Mahmoud Vaezi as saying that the US has consented to “eliminate all protection, oil and … Read more

Russia Fires Warning Shots at British Ship in Black Sea for ‘Abusing Territorial Waters’

ARussian line watch boat and Su-24 aircraft has discharged admonition shots at a British Navy destroyer in the Black Sea after it abused the country’s regional waters, the Russian protection service said in an articulation to news organizations Wednesday. The HMS Defender “was given a primer admonition that weapons would be utilized if the state … Read more

Congress won’t break MVA union, will uphold govt for full 5 years: Prithviraj Chavan

Senior Congress pioneer and previous boss priest Prithviraj Chavan Wednesday said the Congress has no expectation of breaking the three-party partnership and the gathering will uphold the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government for full five years. “The Congress won’t break the three-party coalition which shaped the Maha Vikas Aghadi government. We are completely certain that … Read more