01 Euro tour 2021
The European Union is making this year’s summer vacation a possibility, for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic. The EU has taken a number of measures to ensure that travellers from member states can go around the EU without much hassle, in a safe and secure environment. Armed with a medical certificate or a vaccine passport, one can now go across borders within Europe this summer season.

Now in the testing phase, seven European Union member states have already begun accepting travellers to kickstart this.

02 Greece
The Mediterranean paradise reopened after remaining shut for more than a year, promising a good time to travellers. The country has taken a number of steps to ensure that travellers can enjoy their vacation in a safe manner. Greece is accepting those who are fully vaccinated, and also those who aren’t, but such people are required to show COVID negative certificates.

03 Germany
Another European country that is now open for travellers, Germany, much like Greece, is in the testing phase. The nation would want to see your vaccination certificate before allowing you entry. Reports also suggest that those who have travelled to a high risk area in the last 10 days should register online, and carry proof of registration.

04 Poland
Promises of a good summer vacation have also been made by Poland this year, as the country follows the European Union’s regulations for travel. The country has opened its restaurants, while allowing children to go back to schools. So once again the streets of Warsaw will see tourists after a gap of one year.

05 Denmark
The country that is known as a favourite destination for traveller, has now opened up for the summer. Copenhagen is certainly a summer favourite, and Europeans have the opportunity to make their summer vacation here a possibility. Denmark recommends travellers to indulge in experiences that are away from the crowd.

06 Bulgaria
The country in the Balkans is now accepting tourists under the new policies of the European Union. Much like the other countries this too requires you travellers to show proof of vaccination. Bulgaria had in fact opened its doors for travellers 3 weeks ago, and is under the testing phase as of now.

Europe is not completely open for Indian travellers yet, this is strictly for European Union member states.

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