Russia claims deadly attack Governor. Oleh syniehubov claimed?

Igor Konashenkov (Minister spokesperson) stated that the strikes were in response to Ukraine’s attack at Makiivka, where at least 89 Russian troops died.

Sunday’s attack by the Russian military on Ukrainian barracks was claimed by the Russian military as an act of retaliation for the deaths dozens of Russian soldiers suffered in a rocket attack one week ago. Ukrainian officials denied there had been any casualties.

Russian Defense Ministry claimed that its missiles had hit two temporary bases containing 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers in Kramatorsk. 600 of them were killed. Igor Konashenkov (Minister spokesperson) stated that the strikes were meant to retaliate for Ukraine’s attack at Makiivka which resulted in the deaths of at least 89 Russian soldiers.

Serhii Cheevatyi, a spokesperson representing Ukraine’s eastern forces, stated to The Associated Press, that Russian strikes on Kramatorsk had only damaged civil infrastructure and added, “The armed force of Ukraine weren’t affected.”

The Donetsk region administration stated that seven Russian missiles had hit Kramatorsk, and two more hit Konstantynivka. There were no injuries. It stated that a Kramatorsk educational institution, an industry facility, and garages were all damaged, while an industrial zone in Kostyantynivka was also hit.

Oleksandr Honcharenko from Kramatorsk said that eight apartments and two school buildings were destroyed.

Ukrainian forces fired rockets on a Makiivka facility, also in the eastern Donetsk area, where Russian soldiers were located, killing many of them in one the most brutal attacks on the Kremlin forces since the war began over ten months ago.

The Ukrainian military also claimed that it had struck a Rubizhne medical university residential hall, killing 14 Russian soldiers. According to the statement, the number of those injured was unknown.

Pavlo Kyrylenko of Donetsk, the governor of Donetsk, stated that Bakhmut was hit with strikes and one person was killed. Eight others were also injured.

Governor. Oleh syniehubov claimed.

This latest development comes after Russian forces broke a partially observed ceasefire, which was timed to coincide Orthodox Christmas Celebrations on Saturday.

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