Realme  says that the new UI was optimized to provide a 10 percent improvement in performance?

Realme, a Chinese technology company has launched its Android 13 based RealmeUI4.0 custom ROM. Realme 10 Pro is the latest product to be launched by the company in India. New features and improvements are included in the latest interface.

The company’s technology division has revealed four new sectors, Real Fun, Real Design (Real Seamless), Real Safe and Real Safe. These improvements include new icons and a card-style layout to provide a smoother experience.


Realme says that the new UI was optimized to provide a 10 percent improvement in performance and a 5 percent battery life increase for gaming sessions. Realme UI 4.0, which is based on Android 13, will be supported by the newly launched Realme 10 Pro Series. The latest update features vibrant colours and 30 new icons, according to the company.

Realme has also implemented layout by combining text controls in order to reduce the information burden.

The tech giant has also revealed the Quantum Animation Engine 4.0. Quantum Animation Engine 4.0, the next generation of its Quantum Animation Engine, predicts your gestures better than ever and helps you to use them intelligently. Realme in a blog post says that gestures will feel natural and more responsive. They can also predict what gestures you would like to withdraw.

This update includes Character with Omoji. The virtual avatar supports 79 new facial functions, which allow users to express their feelings in better ways. With a wide range of facial shapes and skin tones, as well as makeup styles, hairstyles, accessories, you can display your individuality. Realme states in a blog post that virtual IDs will allow you to display your cultural background in a variety of ways. This will enable you to make your virtual identity unique and reflect who your are.

Realme India launched the Realme 10 Pro+ 5G, and Realme 10 Pro 5G smartphones in India on December 08. Both 5G enabled flagships feature 120 Hz refresh rate and a 5,000mAh lithium battery. They also have a 16MP front camera sensor that can be used for video calling and selfies. These smartphones were also launched in China last month.

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