Ray Mcneil Autopsy Photos Reddit – Ray’s age, date of birth, and death

Perhaps you saw an advertisement for Killer Sally, a new three-part documentary series on Netflix. The series was telecasted in the United StatesUnited Kingdom, as well as other parts of the world on November 2, 2022.

Did you see the series? Do you want to know the storyline? Reddit posted photos of Ray’s autopsy. This article will discuss Ray Mcneil’s Autopsy Photos Reddit.

Autopsy Photos on Reddit –

Photos of Ray’s autopsy were posted on Reddit beginning 3rd November-2022 after the Netflix series aired. The images were shared on Reddit via r/CrimeScenePhotos as well as r/TheDayFile. They were later removed per Reddit community guidelines. Ray’s autopsy photographs are unknown.

Reddit pages Reddit’s news portals, r/Usa_Wibes or r/DrmazClub, shared Ray’s autopsy news. You can find detailed information at usawibes.com, drmaclub.com.

The web pages included links to languishcharmingwidely.com for watching autopsy pictures and Crime Scene Photos. After getting redirected at tr-usual.xyz, and requismucuta.com however, no photos or videos were made.

Ray Cause of Death:

Ray left for the chicken shop at 8:30 PM on the night 14-February-1995. But he returned home late at 10:30 PM. Ray had been suspected of cheating by Sally. They got into an argument.

Ray was in the kitchen, so Sally pulled out a gun and shot him. Sally claims Ray tried to attack Sally. Sally used self-defense to reload the short gun and fire another round at Ray.

Sally reported the incident to her neighbours, who called 911. Sally’s Husband was found stained all over by blood. Ray sustained injuries to his hands, knees, fractured upper jaw, wounds to his abdomen and face.

Ray was admitted to the hospital with severe injuries. Ray’s death was confirmed in an official statement released on February 21st, 2022.

Ray Obituary:

Ray’s final rites are not known.

Social Media Links:

In the 1990s social media accounts weren’t available. Below are exclusive Ray pages that we found on social media.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/RayMcNeil/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/RayMcNeil/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/raymcneil/


Occupation Professional Bodybuilder, Media Face and Entrepreneur.
Cause of Death shot dead
Zodiac Sagittarius
Net worth $1.2 Million
Qualification Graduate
Marital status Married
Children Two
Son John
Daughter Shantina
209.43 lbs
Hight 5.11 Feet
Hair color Black
Eye colour Black
Shoe size 8 US

Ray Is Married?

Ray was married with Sally. Sally, a marine sergeant, was Ray’s first love. After a few months they began to form a relationship and were finally married in 1987.

Sally was a professional physiquebuilder as well as serving in the Marine Corps. Ray had cheated on Sally and she made her aggressive and violent. We’ll explore Ray Mcneil Photo Autopsy Reddit below. Ray was believed to have had extramarital affairs.

Ray was Sally’s second marriage. Sally was arrested in 1990 after she pointed a gun at Ray’s first husband. Sally had hit Ray’s car with a heavy object. She suspected Ray was having an affair. Ray attacked her at a bodybuilding competition. Sally attacked a bouncer in a Pennsylvania bar and threatened an officer with subpoena.

Sally, mother to two kids, showed Ray the nail marks on her neck the day before the gunfire.

Ray Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion:

Ray McNeil, an American citizen, was a Christian. Ray was mixed African American ethnicity.


Ray began his career as a Marine Cop. Ray went on to become a professional bodybuilder.

Ray’s age, date of birth, and death:

Ray was born on the 17th of December 1964. He was 30 years, one month and 27 days old. He passed away 14 February 1995.

Note : All information taken from the internet.


Reddit made Ray’s autopsy images available for a short time on 3rd-November. Reddit users were able to view the images and start blogging. The blogs created curiosity. Many accounts, such as u/Every_connection_358 and its members, requested to provide links for Ray Mcneil Autopsy Photos Reddit for viewing. The disturbing content caused the removal of photos from r/CrimeScenePhotos as well as r/TheDayFile.

Reddit user Ray’s autopsy images were they informative? Please comment on Ray’s article.

Ray’s Autopsy Pictures Reddit FAQ

1Q. 1Q.

Ray was believed to have had multiple extramarital affairs. Sally thought Ray was cheating and quarreled with him.

2Q. 2Q.

Yes. Yes.

3Q. 3Q.

Ray Mcneil’s parents, siblings, and whereabouts were not known.

4Q. What was Ray’s relationship with Sally like?

They were married happily for a few more years. After their marriage ended, their disputes led to physical fights.

5Q. What titles did Ray earn as a bodybuilder/bodybuilder?

Ray was given the title Mr. California in 1991. He was also awarded Mr. Olympia.

6Q. Ray was a participant in a bodybuilding competition.

Ray was just 19 when he entered the bodybuilding competition.

7Q. 7Q.

In 1991, he was retired as a Marine sergeant. His autopsy revealed two shots and severe injuries.

8Q. 8Q.

Sources claim that Ray attached a nail inflection to Sally’s neck. Sally was not able to find Ray’s DNA in forensic examinations of her wounds.

9Q. 9Q.

Sally stated that Ray had shot her while she was cooking. Ray then tried to attack Sally once more. Sally pulled out her shotgun again and shot him.

10Q. 10Q.

Sources say that the shotgun was found in Sally’s bedroom. This indicates that Sally may have misinformed police about two firing rounds and manipulated the crime sense.

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