Is It True That Davido Son Is Alive – What happened?

Death does not spare anyone. However, everyone is devastated when it comes before their time. Indirectly, the size of the person’s body is a factor in how sad they are about their death. The body’s size decreases and the sadness rises. This is what Davido feels when his son, aged three years old, dies.

Are you familiar with this story? Did you know that this information is being circulated Worldwide on the internet? This article will tell you if is true that Davido son is alive.

Is davido’s child still alive?

It would make it seem dark, but Davido’s child is no more with us. He was gone from this world. This news spread like a flame, taking over the internet. Everyone is grieving the loss of a young child. No matter if the child is known or unknown, everyone feels sadness that he’s only three years old and hasn’t yet seen the rest of this world.

Davido’s only child was David Ifeanyi, who was three years old at the time he died. This terrible accident happened without warning. The family didn’t know what it would bring about. This link allows you to see condolences being offered by people to the family.

Is Davido Still Alive?

Yes, davido remains alive. Because their names seem similar, people mistakenly confuse David with davido. David is a Nigerian singer. While he was born in America, his parents are from Nigeria. His African music is what everyone loves about him.

People search the internet looking for information about David’s death and frequently confuse him with David. But it is important that davido is healthy and doing well. David was the one who left this world.

Is Davido Son Alive – What happened?

Davido’s child David Ifeanyi is no longer with us. He left the world on November 1, 2022. He drowned in water and lost his life. David drowned in the water. Staff members rushed to rescue him, but unfortunately, the little man couldn’t save himself and was declared dead.

David Ifeanyi was just celebrating his third birthday. He lost his life under terrible circumstances.

David’s biography and wiki:

Full name David Adeji Adeleke
Nick Name Jr. Ifeanyi
Date Of Death 20 October 2019
Is Davido Son Alive No
3 year old
Father No Davido Adedeji Adeleke
Mothername Chioma Roland (Chef Chi).
Known For Davido’s Son
Siblings Two Siblings – Hailey Adeleke, Imade Aurora

Additional information –

David was the third and youngest child in the family. Hailey and Imade were David’s two sisters. He is the only child in the household who everyone pampers.

Chioma, the mother of David is a great cook and is well-known as a chef.

Because he was just three years old, this unexpected death left everyone in shock. Does it Really Matter That Davido Son Is Still Alive?But unfortunately, we must say that he is gone.

A parent cannot even imagine their child’s death in the most horrible nightmare. David was still conscious for a time, but he had to go to hospital.


David Ifeanyi drowns while trying to save his life. Staff noticed him but it was too late and he died. To learn more about David Ifeanyi’s passing, read this article until the end.

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Is Davido Son Alive -FAQs

Q1. Q1.

Davido’s child’s name is David Ifeanyi.

Q2. Q2.Who is the first one to spot the drowning child?

The cleaning crew noticed that the child was drowning.

Q3. Q3.

David was swept into the water and drowned.

Q4. Q4.

David was three years old when he passed away.

Q5. Q5.

David’s mother’s name is Chioma Rowland (Chef Chi).

Q6. Q6.

Davido Adeji Adeleke, is David’s paternal name.

Q7. Q7.

He is not here anymore, and has now left the world in an unplanned accident.

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