Shares of Mukka Proteins fall after listing below forecasts. Buy, sell, hold?

   During the trading session that took place on Dalal Street on Thursday, the share price of Mukka Proteins got off to a dreadful start. As of today, the share price of Mukka Proteins was introduced on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) at a price of ₹44 per share. It was initially listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) at a price of ₹40 per share, which is a considerable decrease from the projected listing range of ₹60 to ₹66 per equity share.

In contrast, the harsh selling of Mukkar Proteins shares that took place after the firm was listed added even more salt to the wounds of those individuals who had been allotted shares in the company.

Mukka Proteins shares recorded an intraday low of ₹38.24 per share, which occurred only a few minutes after the company’s shares were launched on the stock exchange. On the National Stock Exchange (NSE), the company’s shares experienced a low point of ₹38.25 per share during the trading day.

According to the opinions of those who are knowledgeable about the stock market, the share price of Mukka Proteins, which is traded on the Indian bourses, is lower than the predictions that were made by the market. The market anticipated that the amount of money that an allottee would receive as a result of the listing would be doubled on the day that the listing took place.

Despite this, they were taken aback when they discovered that it was being offered for a premium of about forty percent.

In the case of short-term investors who have merely bought for listing gain, they have the flexibility to keep the scrip while keeping a stop loss at ₹36 a share and leaving the company on the climb. Long-term investors, on the other hand, should take note of their profits and then quit the market.

Speculation regarding the future price of Mukka Proteins’ shares

When asked about the future of Mukka Proteins shares, Arun Kejriwal, the founder of Kejriwal Research and Investment Services, responded by saying, “Mukka Proteins share listing is below market estimates.” This was in response to a question regarding the future of Mukka Proteins shares.

The market had anticipated that the money of an allottee would be doubled on the date of the listing; however, it looks like this will be difficult to achieve now that the company has listed at a premium of around forty percent more than the original price. It is not feasible to participate in trading activities involving this stock because it is trading in the trade-to-trade category. This means that transactions involving this stock cannot take place.

Assisting long-term investors throughout the process of scheduling profits “High entry barriers, consistent financial performance, and innovative products have helped the company successfully grow its business,” said Dhruv Mudaraddi, Research Analyst at Stoxbox. “We believe that these factors have contributed to the company’s success in growing its business.” “We believe that these factors have contributed to the company’s success.”

One of the most appealing investment opportunities in the fish protein industry is Mukka Proteins Ltd. because of its strong market position, diversified product range, and global presence. As we move forward, this potential presents itself as an investment opportunity that is worthy of careful consideration. Nevertheless, at this juncture, we recommend that investors book profits upon listing, and then, after reviewing the firm’s quarterly performance shortly, they should consider investing in the company.

“As the stock has been listed in the trade-to-trade category, there can be sharp bounceback once the selling gets over,” said Arun Kejriwal, who voiced his anticipation of a rebound once the stock had achieved a more stable condition. Kejriwal predicted that the stock would have a rebound once it had reached a more stable state. Those persons who have applied for the shares exclusively for listing gain can keep the scrip while maintaining the stop-loss at ₹36 and exit the trade when the stock recovers from its previous level.

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