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Weather >>Forecasters have warned of treacherous holiday travel, and even life-threatening temperatures for large parts of the central and eastern U.S.A. this week…

TAYLOR: Christmas holidays could see record-breaking temperatures.

This is because an arctic storm blows through the nation. Zack Taylor at the National Weather Service

TAYLOR – Below-zero temperatures are expected to be common in the Northern Plains as well as parts of the Upper Midwest. However, temperatures can dip to single digits or teens even down in the southeast.

On Thursday night temperatures could plummet to as low as 13° from the Gulf Coast region in Louisiana to Atlanta. Nashville could experience temperatures as low at 5 degrees.

New England parts are already covered with snow. Sunday saw more than 80,000 customers still without power in the area.

Immigrant >> El Paso (Texas) has declared a State of Emergency. This is in response to the growing border crisis that will occur after the Title 42 rule, which was created during the pandemic, expires next week.

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser:

LEESER : We know the Wednesday influx will be amazing. It will be enormous. It will be enormous.

Title 42 allows the government to quickly expel illegal migrants crossing the southern border. According to the Department of Homeland Security, up to 14,000 migrants might attempt crossing the border every day once the Rule 42 expires.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin

MANCHIN, We have a border crisis. Everybody can see that. 42 must be extended, truly to allow us to get immigration reform.

Lisa McClain (Republican Congresswoman) accused President Biden for ignoring the crisis. She stated that Republicans have repeatedly called the White House and written to it…

MCCLAIN – Asking, requesting, and demanding ad nauseam that the president meet about this crisis. Again, it is ignored.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared that the situation at Texas’ border this week would be “total chaos.”

Ukraine restores electricity to millions >>After more Russian attacks this weekend, crews were able restore electricity to approximately 6 million Ukrainians.

Many are still in the dark, as Russia continues its attacks on civilian targets. Oksana Mararova, Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States:

MARKAROVA – We have been asking for all forms of air defense. We have seen what happens when we don’t have enough air defence.

Kyiv wants more air defenses from the West.

North Korea test-fires two missiles from NoKo >>North Korea has tested two missiles capable of striking Japan.

Two days before the North claimed it had completed a key test required to build an intercontinental missile ballistic missile that could strike the U.S. continental, the launches were made.

The missiles traveled from Japan’s northwest and landed in waters between Japan, Korea Peninsula, and Japan. Tokyo announced last week it would ease restrictions on its defense-only military capabilities.

COVID rates and hospitalizations >>COVID-19 Hospitalizations and cases are on the rise during the holiday season. Dr. Ashish Jha is the White House’s virus response coordinator. He said that the increase in virus response is not surprising to ABC’s This Week.

JHA: This is because we have witnessed increases in each of the past two winters. Also, what happens in colder, dryer air? The virus spreads more effectively.

Holiday gatherings are a key part of life.

The number of COVID-related hospitalizations and confirmed cases is up by 50% compared to the same time last year. However, these numbers still represent a fraction compared to the January omicron peak.

RSV and flu cases have been increasing, which has kept health workers busy in recent weeks.

World Cup >>Fireworks illuminated the sky above Buenos Aires Sunday, as Argentines celebrated after their third World Cup final.

France was defeated by the Argentinian team in dramatic penalties.

Millions upon millions of Argentines cried, yelled, hugged and hugged one another as they followed the game.

It was the country’s first World Cup title, since 1986.

Box office >> While the long-awaited Avatar sequel failed to live up to studio expectations, it did score a significant holiday opening.

TRAILER Outcast, that’s what they see …

The Way of Water made $134 Million dollars domestically

The R-rated action comedy VIOLENT NIGHT was a distant second with $6,000,000, followed by Wakanda Forever.

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