Joshimath sinking The economy and environmental concerns are balanced?

On January 11, 2023, a sign was seen on an unsafe building in Joshimath’s Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It was there after cracks had appeared in a landslide affected area.

Chief Minister Pushkar Sing Dhami stated Wednesday that the Uttarakhand government will provide an interim relief amounting to Rs45 crore for each of the 3,000 people living in Joshimath. This is the Himalayan tourist town whose land has been sinking. On Wednesday night, he remained in the town to speak to affected residents about the State’s willingness to provide aid.

According to the CM, there is a segment of people who believe that development in Uttarakhand and Joshimath is occurring at a too rapid pace. According to him, the government will put in place checks to ensure that economic and ecological concerns co-exist.

“We are ready to host an international winter games competition in Auli next year. Even the Char Dham Yogi Yatra will begin in April. All across the world, there is an overwhelming feeling that Uttarakhand could be in serious danger. This is wrong. Some people claim that State development is very rapid. “So we will attempt to find a balance in economy and ecology in the future,” Mr. Dhami stated.

The CM announced that all towns and cities in Uttarakhand would be analyzed for their ‘bearing potential’. He said that if any place is developing beyond its bearing capacity, then the government will stop it.

The government granted interim relief one day after Joshimath residents protested when the district administration tried to demolish the two hotels that were in danger. Their land was subject to the Badrinath Master Project. The government paid between two and four times the current circular rates. Therefore, the administration had no choice but to delay the demolition. The demolition could not be carried out on Wednesday, in fact.

In an attempt to calm protestors who were not willing to negotiate with the administration’s side, the State government changed its position on compensation.

“Compensation for loss of land/house will be given at the market price to those affected by landslide Joshimath,” said CM, appealing residents not to focus on rumours of demolished houses in the affected areas.

“No demolition action has been taken against the houses. Even the hotels are being destroyed as they pose a danger to nearby buildings,” Mr. Dhami said, adding that the Uttarakhand government would consider suggestions from Joshimath residents for their rehabilitation. It would follow their wishes.

“We will rehabilitate people from Joshimath in a fashion that will become an instance in the country,” declared the CM.

Following a meeting between residents, R. Meenakshi Sundaram and the CM’s secretary, a statement was issued stating that each family will receive Rs1 lakh as an interim relief. A Rs50,000 amount will also be provided to the people affected for transportation and shifting their houses.

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