Ivana Trump’s gold-covered NYC townhouse lists for $26.5M?

The home is adorned with animal prints, but it lacks a fully equipped kitchen. Ivana Trump would not have preferred that.

Eric Trump, her son, believes that her Manhattan townhouse at 10 E. 64th St., which measures 20 feet wide is the perfect example of a Czech-American businesswoman. It’s now looking for a new owner.

The 17-room Lenox Hill home that Trump used as her home from 1992 to her death in this year’s, has been listed for sale at a cool $26.5million. The co-exclusive listing is held by Roger Erickson and Adam Modlin, both of Modlin Group. It has six stories, five bedrooms, and five 1/2 bathrooms. The listing’s marketing photos immediately show its apt grandeur.

The body of the 73-year old was discovered at its bottom on the grand staircase in July.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Trump bought the limestone historic row house of 8,725 feet in 1992 for $2.5million — roughly $5.4 million today. This was when she divorced Donald Trump. According to the outlet, the proceeds will be donated to her children Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka.

Eric said that his mom loved the house. He noted that the furniture could be included in the sale.

The columned exterior, with its custom gold and black-grilled doors and mansard roof — was built in 1879. It is hardly a preparation for what lies inside.

The grand staircase with red carpet.
Evan Joseph Photography
One of the bathrooms.
Evan Joseph Photography
A library with animal prints.
Evan Joseph Photography
You will find gold details and fixtures throughout.
Evan Joseph Photography
The master bedroom.
Evan Joseph Photography

The interior features include a leopard-print-covered library, with leopard print on the walls, carpet, and upholstery. There is also a painting of two leopards over the sofa. The space is finished with window drapes and moldings in gold-tone.

A pink-colored bathroom is located just off the room. It has gold accents in the form moldings, faucets, and columns. The listing images show a grand staircase and a Versailles-inspired dining area with gold-tone wall coverings, gold moldings, and a woodburning fire place. All this is under a chandelier suspended from a ceiling with more gilded mouldings. The space also features a smaller eat in area that overlooks a private courtyard.

A living room is located on the same level as the dining area. It has a boldly decorated ceiling in red and emerald. Another chandelier hangs from it. Ivana describes this room in her 2017 book ” Raising Trump”.

Exterior of the East 64th Street Building.
Evan Joseph Photography
There are 17 rooms total in the townhouse.
Evan Joseph Photography
The Versailles-inspired dining area.
Evan Joseph Photography
This is a smaller nook that can be found off the dining area.
Evan Joseph Photography
Enjoy a little bit of outdoor space.
Evan Joseph Photography
There are five bedrooms in the property.
Evan Joseph Photography

There’s also a white grand piano between these two spaces. Trump would not play, but hire professional musicians to play the piano for events.

Trump’s style was described in that book as luxurious and whimsical. The Journal also noted that the property required significant repairs when she purchased it. It had been used for 12 years as a dental practice.

She made it her own. As shown in the listing, her bedroom has a canopy bed that is set in front of a fireplace. Images show at least one additional canopy bed in the bedroom, but it is in a bedroom with walls that are richly coral-toned.

Ivana Trump in her home.
Brian Zak/N.Y. Post
Donald Trump and Ivana in 2014.
Getty Images
Donald Trump and Ivana at their Greenwich mansion, Connecticut, in 1987.
Getty Images

The back of the house has a garden. Although the property is well-maintained and designed, there are two small galley-style kitchens rather than a large one. Trump admits that this is because she didn’t cook much in later years. According to the Journal, a new owner would likely be interested in a major renovation. However, Trump was proud of the place.

Eric Trump said that it was his last possession and would never let go of. He recalled the luxurious home where he grew-up, where his mother once converted his brother’s bedroom into a gym. She would wave from her treadmill to Donatella Versace at her house across the street.

He said, “They loved one another.”

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