Israel and India are “natural friends” and are bound by the democratic ideals they share, Israel’s President Isaac Herzog said as he made an unusual appearance at an exhibition in India featuring Indian temple rituals and deities.

Herzog attended the Israel Museum’s cultural event on Thursday night to inaugurate the new exhibition, ‘Body of Faith – Sculpture from India’. He said that the exhibition was a result of their growing friendship.

“India is a natural allie, united by a fundamental dedication to the democratic ideals upon both our countries were founded. But this evening transcends commerce, politics and diplomacy,” he stated.

“This evening shines the light on our shared humanity while paying respect to the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Indian people,” Herzog stated. Herzog was there because “his love for India” made him a rare guest.

“This exhibition, literally translated as “spirit in matter” in Hebrew by the Israeli President, is another product of the growing friendship of the Indian and Israeli countries and a reflection the deep resonance arts and culture which our nations share,” he stated.

PTI reports that 14 stunning large-scale Indian sculptures were created between the fourth to the thirteenth centuries. Some of the sculptures are on loan from New Delhi, while others are from the Israel Museum’s collections. Due to the biblical references to Indian-origin perfumes and spices, the Jerusalem exhibition has a special significance.


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