Indonesia citizens as well as foreigners?

Indonesia’s parliament has been expected to adopt a new criminal law in this month. This will allow for the punishment of sex outside marriage, with a maximum year in prison.

Bambang Wilyanto, a politician, stated that the code could pass as soon as next weekend.

If passed, the law would apply to all Indonesian citizens, as well as foreigners.

Adultery punishment can only be imposed if the parties file complaints with the authorities.

Married couples can file a complaint if the husband or wife of the perpetrator is present.

The law allows parents of unmarried persons to report their child for having sex.

Also, cohabitation prior to marriage will be prohibited.

According to Reuters business groups expressed concern about the impact the rules could have on Indonesia’s image as a destination for investment and holiday travelers,

Shinta Widjaja Saukamdani (Deputy Chairperson of Indonesian’s Employers’ Organization (APINDO) stated that “For the business sector”, the implementation of this common law will create legal uncertainty and cause investors to reconsider investing in Indonesia.

The code had been adopted in 2019. However, it caused nationwide protests that saw tens of thousands take part in demonstrations.

Many, including students took to the streets of cities throughout Indonesia, with the major clashes occurring in Jakarta.

Protesters who threw stones at police officers were dealt with with tear gas and water cannon.

Media caption,Protesters in Jakarta over a proposed new corruption law and penal code were beaten by police officers in 2019.

In Indonesian majority-Muslim Indonesia, such strict laws regarding sex and relationships have been in place for a long time.

Aceh is a province that enforces strict Islamic law. It has punished those who gambled, drank alcohol, and met members of the opposite gender.

In 2021, two neighbours defamed two men who had sex. In a public caning, a police officer gave them each 77 lashes.

The same day, a man and woman were each given 20 lashes after being caught in close quarters to one another. In addition, two men were each given 40 lashes for getting drunk.

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