Facebook convinced time travel is real after ‘cellphone’ spotted in WWII pic?

It must be a man from time.

Facebook detectives found an odd-looking guy in a 1940s black and white photo. It appears that he is using a device far too advanced for his decade.

The mystery dates back to 1943 in Reykjavik Iceland. This is where the suspect character was seen around US soldiers deployed during World War II. according the Sun.

However, this man isn’t wearing army fatigues. Instead, he stands out by wearing a lightly-colored trench coat with his hand close to his ears.

It wasn’t long before social media began to get involved, insisting that the man must have been a time traveler.

Internet sleuths claim to have spotted a time traveler in a photo.

The image was originally posted by Kristjan Hoffmann on the Icelandic group Gamlar on 2016 and was captioned as: “One of the things that draws attention on this beautiful photo is that above a window, in a corner in the middle, a man is leaning on a cellphone.”

Hoffmann stated, “I don’t have any words to say. I don’t believe he’s just speaking on the phone. He’s in stupor, standing alone with a different headdress than others and a scarf and acting the same way we would do today.”

Karolina Petursdottir, another user, also referred to Dr. According to the Mirror .

Beyond its niche group of photos, the image was included in a YouTube conspiracy theory video titled “10 REAL cases of time travel that cannot be explained.”

A photo from the 1940s has led to people thinking that there may have been a time traveler.
Kristjan Hoffmann

Surprisingly no parties proposed the theory that the man was spying for the Axis powers.

The Facebook group members with more balanced views insisted that he had only been checking to verify that his watch was working.

Others suggested that he was using a tobacco pipe, and that he had gone to scratch the inside of his ear during the photograph.



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