Bangladesh seeks India’s cooperation to peacefully repatriate Rohingyas?

Officials announced Monday that Bangladesh, which houses more than a million Rohingya refugees, is seeking India’s cooperation in peacefully repatriating those who fled persecution in Myanmar.

Shirin Chaudhury, Parliament speaker, asked for India’s help on Sunday when Pranay Kumar Verma, the Indian High Commission in Dhaka Pranay Kulma, called her at Sangsad Bhaban (Parliament House).

“The speaker stated to the envoy that Bangladesh had provided refuge for this enormous number of Rohingyas. She also mentioned that India had given shelter to Bangladeshis during the 1971 Liberation War. The people are respectfully recalling that episode,” a Jatiya Sangsad Secretariat spokesperson stated.

Chaudhury said that he sought Indian support for peaceful repatriation to Myanmar of Rohingyas fleeing persecution.

More than a million Rohingyas fled Myanmar to Bangladesh after a military coup began there in August 2017. The purpose of the clampdown was to expel a predominantly Muslim ethnic group, which had been residing in Rakhine state. They now live in large, temporary refugee camps.

Bangladesh & Myanmar had held talks to discuss repatriation of Rohingya refugees. However, they were unable to resolve the issue.

India in the past stated its desire for safe, secure and sustainable Rohingya Repatriation.

Bangladesh sought India’s assistance previously in persuading Myanmar authorities for their people to return. However, officials claimed that Dhaka had been trying to negotiate with the Junta with China since the military takeover.

During their meeting at Parliament Complex’s Speaker’s office, the speaker and Indian envoy discussed issues such as trade advancement, energy cooperation with climate change, women empowerment, and trade advancement.

The speaker stated that the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Shaikh Mujibur Raman, and the Indian prime minister Indira Singh set the foundations for the historic relationship between the countries with their wisdom.

According to the high-commissar, socio-economic conditions will be improved in the two countries so they can face global challenges together.

Verma, who arrived Dhaka on September 21st, presented his credentials to President Abdul Hamid the following day on October 27. He called Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in November 30.

He also called upon Dr. AK Abdul Momen as Foreign Minister and hosted a celebration to mark the 51st anniversary Maitree Diwas.

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