Zelenska the Ukrainian first lady to MPs?

Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska asked MPs to unite the international community and end Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

In the House of Commons she compared Russia’s bombardment of Ukrainian city to Nazi Germany’s bombing of UK during World War Two.

“You didn’t surrender, we won’t surrender,” she stated.

The speech was delivered as Ukraine enters its ninth consecutive month of conflict with Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Mrs Zelenska is visiting Britain to highlight the suffering of the Ukrainian people. Many are facing a winter of extreme hardship with frequent power outages, both unplanned and planned .

Both the eastern and southern fronts continue to be fought with ferociousness.

As part of her address, Mrs. Zelenska displayed pictures she claimed depict the effect of Russian air attacks. The strikes have caused blackouts throughout major cities like Kyiv, Lviv and Zaporizhzhia.

The first lady replied: “Your Island survived the air attacks that were identical to those Russia uses for us to be on our knees.

“We hear sirens every morning that sound exactly like those British generations.”

She stated that Ukrainian forces also discovered torture rooms in areas seized from Russia.

Ukraine found the bodies and torture marks of 63 civilians near Kherson, which was liberated last month. Russia has denied that it was involved in atrocities. Two people spoke with the BBC and claimed that they were held in the “torture rooms” mentioned by Mrs Zelenska for more than a year.

Putin has also accused Ukraine war crimes against Russian soldiers.

Image caption,Lindsay Hoyle introduced the Ukrainian first lady to MPs

Mrs Zelenska said to MPs that Britain should be “a global leader in justice efforts.”

“Victory doesn’t suffice, justice is what we need,” she stated.

Lindsay Hoyle (Speaker of the House), introduced Zelenska as the first lady to Commons.

He stated that the UK must not believe that the war in Afghanistan is taking place “in faraway land” and “doesn’t affect us”.

He added, “If Putin wins,” other countries will be in his sights.

Media caption,Watch: Zelenska’s visit must shock us awake again – Sir Lindsay Hoyle

Mrs Zelenska was able to meet Camilla, the Queen Consort and Prime Minister Rishi Unak’s spouse Akshata Muthy as part of this trip.

Camilla welcomed Mrs Zelenska to a reception for raising awareness of violence against girls and women earlier.

The Ukrainian first lady spoke at the event and stated that many women had been raped during the Russian occupation.

She stated that “the youngest victim of sexual assault is four-years-old and the oldest is 85 years.”

The first lady urged British citizens to continue support Ukraine on the BBC Today programme.

She said, “We do hope the approaching season for Christmas doesn’t cause you to forget our tragedy and get used our suffering.”

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