You’re Temporarily Blocked | The status of your account and still active?

Messenger is a mobile messaging application that allows you to reach people immediately on their phones. Messenger lets you send private messages and stickers to friends and family, chat with group members, and make free calls even to people from other countries.

To find friends, you can either use names or numbers. Messenger friends will be visible when you open Facebook.

If a friend read receipts and has read your message you’ll see ‘Read.’ This will be followed by the date your message was read. If you haven’t read the message yet, you’ll see “Sent.”

Let’s see how Messenger fixes the “Your  temporarily blocked from performing that action” error.

Reasons You’re Temporarily Blocked stopped from performing this task

If you send the exact same message to multiple people via Facebook Messenger, you may receive a warning saying “You’re Temporarily Blocked banned from performing this action.” This can frustrate you especially if it’s just to communicate with your friends.

This error message can be caused by spamming. There are many reasons why an individual might get it. Facebook will block users who spam or send multiple messages at the same time.

You may have sent a message that looked suspiciously like spam, or it was flagged by another Facebook Messenger user as spam. You can check the status of your account and, if it’s still active, it should be restored to normal in a few hours.

You can take several actions if you get this error message via Facebook Messenger.

First, be sure to read the Facebook Community Standards. This will help you understand which posts and behavior could be considered abusive.

Second, you can send messages through another medium such as email or SMS messaging instead of using Facebook Messenger.

Third, contact Facebook Support to request an unblocking of your account if it is not disabled.

Fix – “You’re Temporarily Blocked restricted from performing

This error warns users that Messenger is You’re Temporarily Blocked unavailable to them. This can happen while using the application for mobile devices or the website.

*Please see the video below.

It is unclear what caused the error. However, some users stated that it occurred when they sent too many messages in a very short time. Others claimed it happened after they sent more photos than 10, while others claim it happened when they sent more than 10 pictures. Others say they don’t know what caused it.

It doesn’t matter how long a You’re Temporarily Blocked You can send friends requests and media once you have completed your block.

These are some ways to prevent making the same mistake in the future.

1. Send a Message to People You Know

Messenger may be You’re Temporarily Blocked you from performing this action. If this happens, you will need to stop sending messages requests to people that you don’t know.

Unsolicited messages or spam may be reported to Messenger by people who have not connected to you through Messenger. If you don’t know your name, they may report your message request.

To be fair to all Messenger users, I request that you only send messages and friend requests to people who have messaged me first.

Messages to business partners or service providers do not fall under this exception. You could be You’re Temporarily Blocked or warned if you send a request for a message to someone not listed above.

2. Check Out Facebook Messenger Guidelines

You’re Temporarily Blocked on Facebook Messenger will prevent you from using the app for a set period of time. Most people are blocked because they harass, spam, or send suspicious links.

To find out more about the types of content Facebook doesn’t allow, I suggest you read . You can also read the article on this page about how to remove such blocking errors.

3. Share realistic content

There may be multiple causes for this error. You may get the error message if you send too many messages containing the same content in a short amount of time.

You may also get this error if you post too often in group chats. Facebook can block your account if it decides that you have posted or sent inappropriate messages or are not relevant.

Here are some solutions.

1. Use only responsible content. You should not post fake news.

2. Post less often. Do not do it too often.

3. Facebook Messenger is a browser-based alternative to an app.

Here are some tips to help you solve the “You’re Temporarily Blocked from performing that action” error message on Messenger. It does not appear to be tied to any particular action. It prevents users from posting updates and friend requests. It is not possible to fix the whole problem.

However, it is possible to avoid the block depending on the cause and your previous actions. As long as you are not violating any of Facebook’s Community Standards or Terms of Service while you are on Messenger, the app should work without problems.


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