Xbox Series S may be more expensive?

India’s Xbox Series S console received a price rise. The console now reaches the Rs. 40,000 mark with the price increase. This is the first price rise for the year, and comes just months after the console’s previous price increases.

The new price for the console is expected to be available as pre-orders beginning January 10, 2023.

India’s Xbox Series S may be more expensive

Rishi alwani an analyst has revealed that the Xbox Series S has been subject to a price rise. The new price is Rs 39990. This price is Rs 2,000 less than the old price of Rs 37990.

Xbox Series S, Rs 39.990

Xbox Series X Rs 55.990

The console will be available for pre-order starting on January 10, 2023. This price makes the Series S reach Rs 40,000. This price is also comparable to the original price for the Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

While we’ll talk about Sony later in the article, the Series X price was also increased by Microsoft. The price of the console went up by 5 percent, to Rs 55990. Accessory prices went up slightly.

The Xbox wireless controllers in Robot White and Carbon Black were priced at Rs 5,690 and Rs 5,990, respectively. The price of the controller in Electric Vold was Rs 6,290, and it went up to Rs 6,590.

The main reason Xbox consoles have become more expensive is the declining value of the Indian Rupee against US Dollar.

A price increase was also made to the Sony PlayStation 5 lineup a few months back

Sony raised the price for the PS5 Digital Edition to Rs 43,990 from Rs 39990 in November. The PS5 Disc Edition was priced at Rs 49.990 and Rs 54.990. Sony, however, did not raise the price of the accessories, unlike Microsoft.

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