Which Serial Killer Killed The Most People -Who Have The Most Kills in History?

Get exclusive information to find Who was the most prolific serial killer? You can also find out what made them a criminal.

We find the most bizarre incidents in history when looking through the pages to learn more about crime and criminals. Criminals don’t just kill innocent children; they also involve in the brutally injuring and painfully tying-up, straggling mummification, storing corpses remains, physical assault, sodomizing and kidnapping of others.

People from the United States were curious about Luis Garavito (and Pedro Lopez), who murdered more than 300 victims. Let’s examine The Serial Killer Who Killed the Most People.

About Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos:

Luis, also known by the name The Monster Of Genova, was also born to Rosa Delia Cubillos (Colombia) and Manuel Antonio Garavito (Colombia).

His crimes include assaulting corpses or under-aged children between 6 and 16 years, tortures, mutilation, as well as murders of more 200 minors. He was 23 years old when he became a murderer.

Policia Nacional de Colombia took him into custody in April 1999. He was sentenced for 2,710 years and nine days total imprisonment.

Who Have The Most Kills in History?

According to sources, Luis Garavito (and Pedro Lopez) topped the list for serial killers. According to sources, Luis’s span of crimes covers areas in Colombia and Ecuador as well as Venezuela.

About Pedro Alonso Lopez

Pedro, also known by the name The Monster Of The Andes, was conceived on 8 October 1948 to Benilda López De Casteneda, Colombia. His mother was a serial whore from the beginning. Sources say that he assaulted his sister physically at the age 8 years.

He attacked more than 110 minor girls and committed vehicle theft.

He was sentenced 16 years imprisonment. Because of his psychiatric condition, he was also sent into a Colombian mental health facility.

Note – All details are based online sources. We are not personally blaming anyone.


Sources claim that Luis’s father emotionally, and physically, assaulted him and his mother. Rosa was also a violent lady. The marital relationship between the couple was unstable. Pedro was also affected by his mother’s illicit occupation, which led to a dark childhood. A criminal character is formed when violence is experienced in early childhood.

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