US the former White House press Secretary?

US votes in crucial midterm elections which take place in the middle of President Joe Biden’s four-year term. While the vote will be a referendum on Joe Biden’s tenure so far, it also comes at a critical time for Democrats looking to retain their control of the US Congress.

Joe Biden’s approval rating, at 40%, is the lowest ever for a president before the midterm elections. His rating, at 40%, is lower than that of his previous predecessors. However, almost all of the presidents before him experienced a loss in support within their first two-years.

The US economy may be one of the key contributors to low approval ratings. As many other countries, the US economy is still dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic as well the spike in gas prices due to Russia’s invasion.

Jen Psaki, the former White House press Secretary, had also used the same reasons for low approval ratings.

“People across the country are feeling tired. It is affecting how they live and work. She said that there are concerns about their kids and their ability to enjoy joyous things like going to concerts, eating at restaurants, and meeting friends.

CNN reported that Joe Biden’s support has been slipping among young voters angered at inaction on climate, healthcare, and student debt.

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