US Congress set to debate this change for Green Cards?

The White House voted in support of the US Congress’ passage of a law that sought to protect Americans.

The bill had been approved by the US House Judiciary Committee back in April 2022. This week, it will be put to the test by Congress. The law, which was passed by the US House Judiciary Committee in April 2022, would be of great benefit to lakhs of immigrant, particularly Indian-Americans.

According to existing rules, the US can only issue 1.4 million green cards per year. Each country has a 7% cap. This means that Green cards are only available to 9800 people in each country. A backlog can result if there are more applicants than the limit. Green card petitions that exceed the cap are not accepted unless the petition is within the initial 7 percent per country limit.

The EAGLE Act would abolish the per country cap on employment-based Green Cards. Instead, the bill proposes the gradual elimination of per-country caps over a period of nine years in order to ensure that qualified immigrants from less-populated nations are not excluded.

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