Ukraine grain export deal back on as Russia rejoins – Read Full Details!

KYIV: Russia Wednesday’s announcement by the company indicated that it will resume its participation to a deal allowing grain exports to be exempted from wartorn. Ukraine This is a reverse of a move world leaders had warned would increase global hunger. Moscow announced the sudden reversal following TurkiyeThe UN was able to maintain the flow of grain in Ukraine for several days without Russian inspections.
The Russian defense ministry claimed that it had been given guarantees by Kyiv to not use the Black Sea grain route for military operations against Russia. Kyiv has not commented on this, but in the past denied that it used the agreed shipping channel as cover for attacking.
According to the Russian ministry, “Russian believes that the guarantees received at this time are sufficient” and resumes implementation of the agreement. Russian President Putin however stated Wednesday that Moscow was free to withdraw from the agreement. Putin stated that Russia had asked for guarantees from Ukraine that it would not launch an attack from areas of the Black Sea that are covered by the pact in return for joining the pact. He stated that even if Moscow withdraws from the agreement, it would not impede grain shipments fromUkraine and Turkiye. Turkish President Tayyib Turkey said that Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu had assured his Turkish counterpart the agreement would resume.

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