Tiger Woods CBD Gummies – Check Here For More Details

Tiger Woodsis one of the best athletes in the entire world. Fans have given him the title of “GOAT” for his achievements in golf. He was recently inducted into World Golf Hall of Fame.

Woods had been the undisputed leader for many years in the PGA Official World Golf Rankings. He was also the highest-paid player in the world at one time. Woods is the first person to be a billionaire in golf history, having a net worth over $1.7billion.

Woods is a big winner from corporate endorsements. The 46-year old promotes many products, from watches to automobiles and sports-related items. He did not endorse the Tiger Woods CBD Gummies.

The CBD Gummies scam

People began searching online for the Tiger Woods CBD gummies earlier in the year. Gummies were sold using the name and popularity of the legend golfer. It was shocking to discover that the product was actually a scam. The product’s makers were selling the product under Woods name and fame.

Tiger Woods was 46 years old and is an active, fit athlete. This was a good result of CBD gummies. Woods was not involved with the product. In fact, the product never existed.

Eagle Hemp Gummies, the real product, can be used to relax and ease sore pain. Scammers selling this product online without Woods’ authorization used Woods’ image.

Woods’ name was used by the scammers to promote CBD gummies products in April 2022. The product was a huge success, with many social media accounts posting fake reviews. Scammers promoted the gummies on social media platforms, without the approval of the PGA Golfer.

In order to promote the product, the scammers set up over 30 Facebook accounts and many Twitter accounts. Fake reviews of hundreds of gummies were published on Google, and the fake reviews gained the product a lot of popularity. None of the social media pages that promoted the Tiger Woods CBD gummies actually sold the product.

It’s important to remember that this was not the first such scam. CBD gummies were sold earlier using endorsements of celebrities including Dr. Mehmet Z, Shark Tank cast members, and Keanu Reynolds.

Tiger Woods earns his income from endorsements

The Tiger Woods CBD Gummies are a fraud. However, there are legitimate ventures that use Woods name to promote their products.

Woods, who was a professional golfer when he made his first round in 1996, started endorsing products soon after. Woods has made more than $120million on the golf course through winning tournaments. Woods’ major source of income came off the golf course.

According to Celebrity Net Worth estimates, the famous golfer has earned approximately $1.6 billion through corporate endorsements. He promotes brands like Nike, Gatorade (Wheaties), American Express, Asahi and General Mills (Wheaties), Golf Digests, Rolex. Gillette, Accenture. Tag Heuer.

Woods also received a large sum of money from Gatorade for the creation of a custom branded drink that featured his name. Woods was able to earn $100 million in five years from the “Gatorade Tiger” deal.

A significant portion of his income was also derived from his Nike deal. Woods signed a five-year deal worth $100 million with the sportswear manufacturer in 2000.

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